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tumble w/the duck

Dec 11 '09

SSH Tunneling

Originally from and documented here as well for posterity.

My intention was to tunnel redis, which currently offers weak authentication and no encrypted communication. Redis by default starts on port 6379, so in this example I will be using that.

May 22 '09

ar_sendmail Stack Level Too Deep

ar_sendmail seems to have problems with stack depth when used in combination with various plugins. Having a rake task that depends on :environment or using script/runner for running ar_sendmail results in ‘splosions with Stack Level Too Deep Errors while deleting the email record after the email is sent. Solution to the problem:

Then setup a cronjob:

Apr 2 '09

Find Your Indexes

This will find all the indexes on a mysql database for you. It’s handy when reviewing things.

Mar 23 '09

Ban Distractions

I’m in the terrible habit of distracting myself with stupid junk, especially when I get stuck on something or don’t know what to do next. I put this in my /etc/hosts and it has helped me a lot. I plan on adding other distractions as I notice them.

Mar 21 '09

Order By Set

You can order a column based on a specific set of values for that column.